There Is a Habitation

Words: with chorus • Love H. Jameson (1882)
Music:James H. Rosecrans (1882)



There is a habitation,
  Built by the living God,
For all of every nation
  Who seek that grand abode.


O Zion, (lovely) Zion,
  I long thy gates to see.
O (lovely) Zion, (lovely) Zion,
  When shall I dwell in thee?


A city with foundations,
  Firm as th’eternal throne;
No wars nor desolations
  Shall ever move a stone.


No night is there, no sorrow,
  No death and no decay,
No yesterday, no morrow—
  But one eternal day.


Within its pearly portals,
  Angelic armies sing,
With glorified immortals,
  The praises of its King.

Compared to Hymnals

  No. Words Music
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs 749 Identical Identical
Songs for Worship and Praise 842 Uses “Nor… nor” instead of “No… nor” in vs 2 Identical
Songs of Faith and Praise 860 Identical Tenor sings SOL MI instead of FA MI in beginning of m. 2 (at “-ta-tion”);
Tenor and bass sing SOL FA instead of SOL at beginning of Chorus;
Bass has optional low DO at end
Praise for the Lord 660 Uses “Nor… nor” instead of “No… nor” in vs 2 Identical
Hymns for Worship (Revised) 227 Identical Identical
Songs of the Church 559 Uses “Nor… nor” instead of “No… nor” in vs 2 Identical
Sacred Selections 445 Identical Alto sings DO LA SO at end instead of DO;
Tenor sings MI FA MI at end instead of MI
Christian Hymns No. 2 28 Lacks vs 2 Identical
Great Songs of the Church No. 2 252 Uses “Nor… nor” instead of “No… nor” in vs 2 Identical



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