Only in Thee

Words: • Thomas O. Chisholm (1905)
Music:MONOS • Charles H. Gabriel (1905)



Only in Thee, O Savior mine,
  Dwelleth my soul in peace divine,
Peace that the world, though all combine,
  Never can take from me.
Pleasures of earth, so seemingly sweet,
  Fail at the last my longings to meet;
Only in Thee my bliss is complete—
  Only, dear Lord, in Thee!


Only in Thee a radiance bright
  Shines like a beacon in the night,
Guiding my pilgrim bark aright
  Over life's trackless sea.
Only in Thee, when troubles molest,
  When with temptation I am oppressed,
There is a sweet pavilion of rest—
  Only, dear Lord, in Thee!


Only in Thee, when days are drear,
  When neither sun nor stars appear,
Still I can trust and feel no fear,
  Sing when I cannot see.
Only in Thee, whatever betide,
  All of my need is freely supplied;
There is no hope nor helper beside—
  Only, dear Lord, in Thee!


Only in Thee, dear Savior slain,
  Losing Thy life my own to gain,
Trusting, I'm cleansed from every stain;
  Thou art my only plea.
Only in Thee my heart will delight,
  Till in that land where cometh no night
Faith will be lost in heavenly sight—
  Only, dear Lord, in Thee!

Compared to Hymnals

  No. Words Music
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs 420 Identical Identical
Songs for Worship and Praise 479 Identical Identical
Songs of Faith and Praise 492 Lacks vs 3 Identical
Praise for the Lord 519 Identical Identical
Hymns for Worship (Revised) 119 Lacks vs 3 Identical
Songs of the Church 419 Identical Identical
Sacred Selections 245 Uses original “There is no hope or helper” instead of “There is no hope nor helper” in vs 3 Identical
Christian Hymns No. 2 243 Identical Tenor sings DO DO DO SOL instead of DO DO DO DO at “pleasures of earth”
Great Songs of the Church No. 2 186 Identical Identical


Daniel B. Towner and Charles M. Alexander, Revival Hymns (1905), no. 127:

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