Love for All

Words: • Samuel Longfellow (1864)
Music:HORTON • Xavier Schnyder von Wartensee (1826)



Love for all! And can it be?
Can I hope it is for me?
I, who strayed so long ago,
Strayed so far, and fell so low!


I, the disobedient child,
Wayward, passionate, and wild;
I, who left my Father’s home
In forbidden ways to roam!


I, who spurned His loving hold;
I, who would not be controlled;
I, who would not hear His call;
I, the willful prodigal!


I, who wasted and misspent
Every talent He had lent;
I, who sinned, again, again,
Giving every passion rein!


To my Father can I go?
At His feet myself I’ll throw;
In His house there yet may be
Place, a servant’s place, for me.


See! My Father waiting stands;
See! He reaches out His hands:
God is love! I know, I see,
Love for me— yes, even me!

Compared to Hymnals

  No. Words Music
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs 636 Lacks vs 4 Identical
Songs for Worship and Praise 409 Lacks vss 3, 4 Identical
Songs of Faith and Praise 136 Lacks vs 4 Identical
Praise for the Lord 420 Lacks vss 3, 4 Identical
Hymns for Worship (Revised) 282 Lacks vs 4 Identical
Songs of the Church 441 Lacks vs 4 Identical
Sacred Selections n/a
Christian Hymns No. 2 n/a
Great Songs of the Church No. 2 441 Lacks vs 4 Identical



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